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Safe & Efficient Tree Services

While tree removal is, at most times, the last resort it-can be necessary. Some of the reasons to consider tree removal or trimming are; sick or dead trees, trees that uproot or cause cracks in the sidewalk or your home's foundation, disrupt sewer lines, have endured severe storm damage or trees that are just too close to important structures.

Our team at Pro Tree Service has many years of knowledge and experience in tree removal and trimming services. Full tree service includes trimming, pruning, stump grinding, or the complete elimination of a tree. For Rural clear-outs we will remove fallen trees on your property. Certain trees grow quickly, requiring yearly pruning and we have the crew to get it done with quality and efficiency.

Why Tree Removal?

Sometimes tree removal and trimming is necessary for your property, here are some reasons you may want to hire Pro Tree Service to get the job done for you.

  Dead or Sick Trees
  Blocking Important Structures
  Clear Rural Property for Construction
  Uprooting Sidewalk or Cracking Structure Foundation 
  Prune Overgrown Trees 

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